Designer Den – Buffalo Plaid

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October 3, 2016
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February 24, 2017

Holly Mathis Buffalo Plaid Tile FloorWelcome to the Designer Den, where our designers will share our new favorite trends. Anything from patterns, colors to home decor will be featured here so your home can always stay up to date with the latest trends.

This week’s designer den features buffalo plaid and all of the reasons why we love it!

Dating back 166 years, buffalo plaid feels about as American as apple pie. A classic in the fashion industry, buffalo plaid transcends years of trends and styles which is probably the reason why more interior designers are finding creative ways to incorporate this pattern into their homes. As permanent as a tile floor or as easy as a settee or pillow, buffalo plaid is having a major moment right now but is sure to stand the test of time.

What do you think of this trend? There are so many ways to incorporate it. Tell us, how would you add this pattern to your home?