Our Favorite Floor plans…and why

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January 6, 2014
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February 12, 2014

Each Alturas Homes staff has a favorite floor plan and very specific reasons why. We want to you to be able to have this insider point of view into what our staff thinks are the greatest features in our homes.

Blake Hansen – “I love our new basement plans. Growing up, my room was always in the basement, so I have a little nostalgia when I think of my memories in the basement. A basement is a perfect place to get away, for kids to play, and to find relief from the summer heat. I’m excited that we can now offer basements to our clients.”

Rod Givens – “I would say my favorite plan is the Teton. I love basements, and I love the open feeling of the great room with the double slider door that opens up to the back patio…”

Scott Givens – “My favorite floor plan is the Alder. I love the master bedroom on the main level, the layout of the main floor, and the flexibility of the upper level. I think it is also a beautiful home on the exterior.”

Vicki Lilly – “ The openness between the family room and the kitchen is exactly how my family lives – not too formal and plenty of room for guests to be a part of the activities.”

Zach Shumaker – “I like a number of features from all of the floor plans. I like the double bonus room in the Big Creek, the spacious bathroom of the Sapphire, and the basement in the spring parade.“

Binyamin Mellish – “My favorite Alturas Homes floor plan is the Teton. I enjoy the open space the Great Room and kitchen areas create. It is very welcoming and family friendly. Another reason why I like the Teton so much is because the master closet can be accessed directly from the mud room or master bath. Having two entrances into the master bedroom is genius floor plan design.”

Travis Barney – ” I like the Ponderay. I enjoy the front elevation and the larger front porch. I also like the location of the flex room. In general I really like the flow of the first level.”

Jessica Niebolt – “I love the huge porch of the Ponderay and how it looks on the exterior. I also like the extra bathroom in the bonus room upstairs so it can be used as a guest room, the big island and pantry in the kitchen, and having the master bedroom on the main floor.”

Do you have a favorite Alturas Homes floor plan? Let us know which one you is your favorite and why on our Facebook page.