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The process of building an Alturas home is well-planned and proven. All of our homes are built by knowledgable superintendents who strive for perfection on every measurement and cut. Every home is scheduled for a start and end date well before the foundation is dug. We follow a careful schedule to ensure quality and durability. All of the payments for materials are approved, managed, and tracked by our team so we can stay on track to build your home. Job cleanliness is paramount in the building process, so we build your home in a tidy environment to ensure safety for our trade partners and all employees. Once the home is built, we walk through a final inspection checklist and facilitate any house-specific items that need attention.

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Measure twice, cut once. Alturas strives for excellence in every measurement and cut, so we make sure to follow plans exactly to build your home as efficiently and safely as possible.

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Our superintendents work hard to build with quality supplies and create value for your home. When we build a home, we ensure quality control so you can live in a safe home for years to come.

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All of the plans show details that coordinate with trade partners. Flooring, tile, and landscaping plans are all integral parts of the build process to create continuity and clarity for each Alturas home. finishes.

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