Our Commitment to Homeowners

All new Alturas homes are covered under our one-year warranty program. 

Please use the online form to submit warranty requests. All warranty requests MUST include photos. Requests made without photos cannot be accepted. Please refer to your warranty manual and the Alturas Limited Warranty document provided to you at closing.

To keep this process as smooth as possible, we can only take emergency requests over the phone. An emergency is anything that makes the home uninhabitable or may result in damage, such as plumbing, heating or electrical issues. If you have an emergency, please refer to your Warranty Manual for emergency contact information. If you are having problems with your heating or cooling system, please contact the HVAC contractor. Their information is located on a sticker on the furnace. 

You’ll find more details about what is covered by your warranty and the warranty process within your Alturas Homes Homeowner Manual. This manual is an important resource that not only provides warranty guidelines and the warranty submission processes, but also contains information on new home maintenance.