Warranty & Homeowner Care

In order to provide you (our valued homeowner) with exceptional service and support after your home purchase, we ask that you please follow our warranty process:

  • 30 Day Warranty - An Alturas Homes Customer Care Representative will automatically contact you via email thirty (30) days after you close on your home to remind you to submit your request for any warranty service you may need. It is important that you provide us with the correct email address so that you receive these (and future) emails from Alturas Homes. This thirty (30) day period allows you sufficient time to become settled in your new home and compile a list of any items that may need to be addressed after thirty (30) days of occupancy.
  • 11 Month Warranty - Near the end of your eleventh month of ownership, we will be happy to review any outstanding warranty issues you may have with your new home. Please submit any remaining claims within this time frame if there is anything you would like us to address before your One-Year warranty expires. As a reminder, we will not accept a full inspection report as a warranty request. If you choose to get an inspection after the initial inspection period, you will need to submit each item from your inspection report individually below.

Please use the online form to submit warranty requests. All warranty requests MUST include photos. Requests made without photos cannot be accepted.

In order to minimize warranty visits and for your convenience, we ask that you please refrain from submitting any warranty items outside of your 30 day or 11 month periods. We assure you that everything will be taken care of before your one year warranty expires.

Please review the Alturas Homeowner Manual below and/or section 7 of your Limited Home Warranty document prior to submitting your claim(s). These documents will help define what is covered as well as what is excluded under the warranty agreement. Thank you.

Homeowner Manual Submit a Warranty Claim